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Special 2020 Be Fit 4 Akhirah Podcast!

Special 2020 Be Fit 4 Akhirah Podcast!

January 23, 2020

It's finally here! The special 2020 podcast has arrived!

Join us as we highlight some of 2019's most exciting conversations. This past year had so many amazing guests and there was so much interesting knowledge shared. This podcast is a celebration of Be Fit 4 Akhirah's 1 year podcasting anniversary as well! If you want to get a host of knowledge from this past year then don't miss this very special podcast!


We touch on:

*The importance of strength training

*How to get energy to workout

*Prioritizing categories for your goals

*Flexibility and mobility


And so much more!


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Why having a purpose behind the weight-loss journey is very important

Why having a purpose behind the weight-loss journey is very important

January 8, 2020

New year! New you! Right?

Welcome to this episode as I talked on why I took an 8-week purposeful weight loss journey briefly and what is the body of Jannah course for.

In this episode I touched base on the following topics:

  • Why having a purpose behind the weight loss journey is important.
  • Why our emotions play a role in our weight-loss journey in the long run.
  • Motivational reminders why loving yourself is a very important and key factor for long term success. 

To view the blog post mentioned, please click here: https://www.befit4akhirah.com/post/purposeful-weight-loss-journey-let-s-bring-a-new-discussion-to-the-weightloss-culture

And the course to the body of jannah can be found here: https://befit4akhirah1.teachable.com/p/body-of-jannah

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How faith plays a role in our fitness journeys with Sara

How faith plays a role in our fitness journeys with Sara

December 25, 2019

This is the week where both Jewish and Christians celebrate their holidays, both Hanukkah and Christmas. And I am all about faith and fitness here on my show and on all the work that I've been doing with BeFit4Akhirah. So having Sara come on the show to talk about faith and fitness from the Jewish perspective was super inspirational.

The mission of Fit Jewess is the following:

Fit Jewess has a two-fold mission:

1. To provide women and gals across the world with tips, guidance, and inspiration
to help cross the divide between our fitness goals and current lifestyles from a body
positive, weight-neutral perspective.

In other words, to prove to matzah balls and potato latkes that we can and will be
fit despite our culture-specific idiosyncrasies.

2. To serve as a community of like-minded Fit Jewesses that supports, encourages
and cheers on one another.

After all, only we truly know what it’s like to be fit, female and Jewish.

On today's episode, we talked about the following:

  • The traditions of Hanukkah.
  • How faith played a role in our lifestyle and in getting active even more.
  • The body image movement that Sara is on and how it's related to what I am going to be launching in 2020.

And of course, so much more!

Check Sara's work at https://fitjewess.com/ 

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Goal setting for 2020 & Ramadan with Coach Ola

Goal setting for 2020 & Ramadan with Coach Ola

December 18, 2019

Are you ready to finish 2019 off strong and be ready to start 2020 on a positive note?

IF YES, then this the episode you must listen to!

In today's episode, I have answered questions from my audience on IG & FB on what is the most they struggle with when it comes to goal setting and having a vision.

I also talked about what I have learned and how important it is to keep it simple to not overcomplicate our goals.

I am a huge fan of Productive Muslim when it comes to goal setting. Check their newest blog about this topic too:

How To Set Goals Like a Gardener? 

The blog that I had published will be reshared as I am currently working on my website's blog section.

Here's what you will learn from the episode:

  • How to manage your goals to keep them realistic
  • How to get back into your fitness lifestyle realistically
  • Why it is important to get an accountability partner

And much more! 

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How to overcome the holiday stress and the burnout phase

How to overcome the holiday stress and the burnout phase

December 4, 2019

The holidays are here and the end of the year is approaching! This can only mean more stress for a lot of people and the start of a burnout phase.

In this episode, I discussed how to know if you're actually going through a burnout phase vs what is stress. 

I shared how I overcome my own burnout phase as well as tools to help you manage stress!

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Now get out there and stay focused on your goals!

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Why & how to be grateful for yourself with Coach Ola

Why & how to be grateful for yourself with Coach Ola

November 27, 2019

Thanksgiving season is at last here, and the holiday season is kicking in!

With this time of the year, I reflected and remembered to be thankful for myself, yes, myself!

In this episode, I talked about:

  • why it is important to be thankful for ourselves.
  • how to be thankful for ourselves.
  • tips on how to stay healthy during Thanksgiving dinner.

And so much more motivation! 

You definitely do not want to miss this episode out!

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The YouTube video I mentioned in this episode can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg89tinkq2M&t=10s

And the blog post I was referring to can be found here as well: https://befit4akhira.wordpress.com/2016/11/28/concept-of-thankfulness-in-islam/

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How to manage your emotions with Yasmin Essa?

How to manage your emotions with Yasmin Essa?

October 10, 2019

Do you ever feel like your emotions get the best of you? 

Listen to this podcast episode as Yasmin and I dive deeper into understanding our emotions and how that is very important for our fitness journeys.

Our guest for today is Yasmin Essa who is a Board-Certified Health Coach who helps individuals and families introduce and sustain healthy habits for the sake of Allah SWT. She draws inspiration from psychology, nutrition, fitness, Islam personal development, and neuroscience. She holds an undergraduate Business degree in Marketing and Management from Montclair State University and a Holistic Health Coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. 

She left a successful career in healthcare marketing in 2012 to pursue this work full-time. Through her private practice Wellness with Yasmin, she works globally with various clients one on one and teaches classes online through her academy, Glow Academy. She primarily works with women but also regularly works with families, including men and teenagers.

She has helped guide clients reach results such as improving blood work results, improving their emotional health, reaching goals, developing consistent habits, losing weight, fat loss, managing and healing eating disorders, managing and healing anxiety and depression holistically, establishing personalized fitness regimens, improving thyroid levels, managing food allergies and sensitivities, building and improving business practices, having more energized Ramadans, reducing inflammation, improve family communication, reducing muscular and joint pain, to name a few.

Today's topics are:

  • The importance of investing in our time and money for our health and well being.
  • What is emotional intelligence and how to know ours?
  • How can being optimal vs. perfectionist help us with our health journey?

And so much more!

The tests that Yasmin mentioned are the following:

    1. Meyers Briggs-16 personality test
    2. Gretchen Rubin’s 4 tendencies-
    3. Tom Ferry’s 4 addictions
    4. HSP test

The video she talked about the reference to Brene Brown is the following https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Evwgu369Jw


You can get connected with Yasmin over on her website at https://wellnesswithyasmin.com/

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The importance of community building with Kelly Young

The importance of community building with Kelly Young

October 2, 2019

Are you in a community that supports your fitness and health goals?

If not, what are you waiting for?

Join Kelly and me as we talked about the importance of having a supportive community to stay physically active and to live a healthy lifestyle.

Kelly Young offers a variety of fitness classes in her community. she has been offering outdoor fitness classes for the past ten years and two years ago, she opened a training studio to enhance and compliment the outdoor Bootcamp style classes.  

Her passion is coaching people to find ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while still having fun and not having to good up things that they truly enjoy. She likes seeing real-life connections made between our clients and the team.  She believes that a support system is a secret sauce for long term results and that people need people.  

She is extremely passionate about helping people incorporate fitness into their lives, and she is incredibly proud of the number of people that have made life-changing transformations. She encourages her participants to appreciate where they are right now and make small changes that will move them in the direction that they want to go.  She truly believes that small changes over time equal big changes, and she sees first hand on a daily basis what that can actually equate to.

In this episode, we talked about the following topics:

  • How she got into outdoor Bootcamp business and classes.
  • How she fits exercise into her busy schedule as a fitness instructor and entrepreneur.
  • How can the community be helpful in staying active and healthy?
  • How to start a community.

And of course, so much more!

You can join Kelly's FB community by staying connected with her on social media at https://www.facebook.com/Kellysbootcamp/

And on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kellys_bootcamp/

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Going on a hike? How to be ready for it with Faizan

Going on a hike? How to be ready for it with Faizan

September 29, 2019

Fall season, as well as Spring, are the greatest times of the year to go on a hike! And hiking should be fun experience for all.

In my interview with Faizan, we discussed how hiking can be helpful for our health as well as can be added to our fitness journeys. 

Faizan is an outdoors enthusiast who has been creating opportunities for people to explore nature and learn outdoor skills. He is an outings leader with the Sierra Club, national environmental advocacy and outdoors organization and recently founded Outdoor Muslims, a local organization in the DC area with the goal of creating a community of Muslims and allies who enjoy exploring the outdoors together.

In this interview, we covered the following topics:

  • How nature therapy is important for our health.
  • How Outdoor Muslims got started and why.
  • How Islam and sunnah promote nature therapy.
  • What to know and prepare in advance before going on a hike or camping trip.
  • The best times/seasons of the year for a hike

And much more!

To learn more about Outdoor Muslims, visit www.outdoormuslims.org

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Coach Ola on social media @BeFit4Akhirah and Faizan on Instagram @https://www.instagram.com/thehikersjournal/ (The Hikers Journal)


How to be purposeful in your fitness journey with Coach Ola

How to be purposeful in your fitness journey with Coach Ola

September 26, 2019

Being purposeful in life is very important! Especially when it comes to our fitness journey!

But how can you be purposeful in your workouts and your weight loss journey...? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Well, my friends, join me in this episode as I share with you:

  • Exactly why I signed up for the VA Beach Half-Marathon.
  • How my training went.
  • What happened during the race and afterward.
  • How to build a purpose in your fitness journey

This podcast episode is also in a blog post, which you can find here:

The reason why I signed up for the VA Beach half marathon & lessons that I learned

Here is the YouTube video on why I canceled my retreat: Was it a failure?

The song at the beginning is from https://soundcloud.com/datweekaz/da-tweekaz-moana-how-far-ill-go-free-track

 The nasheed at the end is Allah knows by https://soundcloud.com/rocky-balboa-8181/allah-knows-1

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